That’s right! Media is all around you. Media encompasses you, it envelopes me, it surrounds us. What can we do about it?

What we can do is embrace it! Become one with it and most of all create it!

All of us consume it! You are consuming media right now! These words (in this order) did not exist until this very moment. While I posted these words online on Wednesday November 22, 2017 at 2:45pm Central Time, they were not part of your reality until this very moment.

Crazy to think that with so much media content being created, all the time, it leaves you wondering why was it until this moment that you are reading these words. Simple, I took a gamble. I gambled on the fact that when I create it, someone will read it. I am glad that you are reading it.

It proves my point of creating content means it will be consumed. Now, what you do with my content is truly up to you. As I write this, my only intention is to inspire you to see for yourself that what you do right now will impact someone in the future. See, I don’t know if you are reading this just moments after I posted or days, weeks, months or (heaven forbid) years later. Either way, this blog post has achieved its mission.

Now, I ask you what is your media content doing right now? Is it inspiring others? Is it achieving its goal? or is it still out there waiting for someone to purposefully crash land on top of it or randomly stumble up on it?

Which do you prefer? Personally, I want people to constantly and purposefully come crashing down on my content.

Waiting for someone to stumble upon it, while welcomed, is also a very lonely time. Here is the Internet’s darkest corner a fool writes a few digital words and presses the publish button. Like the tree in the forest as it falls it makes a sound no matter what. It makes a sound whether a crowd of people are standing by or the squirrel that’s been suddenly evicted is watching.

If you have not started….the time to start is now! Use Media To Make Content! When you do, don’t worry about the applauding crowd or the suddenly homeless squirrel, worry about making content that will be there for when either one of them decides to turn and watch.