Cold Steel Media will assist individuals, companies and organizations with creating, producing, managing and promoting their unique podcast on blogs and popular social networking sites such as iTune, Facebook, Snapchat, Stitcher, Spreaker, Instagram, Periscope, and Twitter.

The podcast has become the preferred method of delivering your message to the masses. By delivering your latest podcast episodes directly to the PC, smartphone, tablet, or voice service device (Alexa, Google Home, etc.) you have a direct connection to your audience. They come to you and you are delivering the message they want.

We will work with you, your team, or your organization to develop an in-house turn key operation. Of course, COLD STEEL MEDIA can run your podcast operation if you do not want to do it yourself. However, we will strive to give you complete control of your podcast production, post-production, uploading and distribution. The entire process has become so simple that with just a few sessions you can be releasing a popular podcast with minimal effort. Actually, turning over the entire operation to you is our ultimate goal. We want to build a relationship with your and your organization but we also want you to share your voice because you understand your message better than anyone else.

Still not sure?
Here are a few of the PODCASTS currently under production and management by COLD STEEL MEDIA

THE WALKING LEADER PODCAST – a podcast on Leadership

THE FLANKER CLUB SPORTS TALK SHOW – a podcast for sports minded individuals

BERLIN BRIGADE (dot) COM PODCAST – a Veteran based podcast about the only US Army unit 110 miles behind the Iron Curtain

Coming Soon:

YOUR PODCAST –  Run by you for your audience (contact us so that we can help get you started, stay on, and keep going).


With over 20 years of active ONLINE experience Cold Steel Media has seen plenty of the good and bad. That is why Cold Steel Media is ready to share our acquired skills, knowledge, and wisdom to help you and your organization succeed.

To schedule a consultation with COLD STEEL MEDIA please click here to visit our contact page.